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Autumn’s finally arrived in Atlanta with cooler temperatures, a new school year, and — of course — fall produce and recipes. Eating seasonally tastes better: produce tends to be best when it’s harvested at the proper time and consumed shortly thereafter. Filling our plates with the bounty of the season also puts us in tune with the natural cycle of the earth. Just as Georgia peaches announce the arrival of summer, seasonal produce like apples and pears remind us of autumn’s harvest and the coming winter celebrations.

Choosing to eat in season seems to require some sacrifice. Why wait through the whole summer to buy a pear? When food is presented to us, we have a hard time saying no.

Pear -- Seasonal Produce

Photo courtesy of Free Range Stock and Chris Windras

However, that pear will not only taste much better when purchased during the autumn months, it will likely come with a much lower carbon footprint. When we eat in season, we are more likely to support local growers, to purchase sustainably produced foods, and to find foods that simply taste their best. We learn to consume what the earth is able to provide at each time of the year. Seasonal produce is also cheaper — so eating in season is budget friendly!

Our favorite reason to eat seasonably, however, is the intangible satisfaction that comes from waiting all year for the perfect autumn pear. This is the heart of the growing slow food movement — exercising patience to ensure the food we eat is good for our bodies, for the earth, and for our communities.

iNatural's Roasted Jumbo Sweet Potatoes are just one of our seasonal dishes.

iNatural’s Roasted Jumbo Sweet Potatoes are just one of our seasonal dishes.

As an added bonus, we’ve developed cold weather recipes with seasonal foods (think chilis, soups, casseroles…) that not only help heat our homes with their long, slow cooking times, but also connect us to traditions that enrich our lives and satisfy us on an emotional level. At iNatural, our favorite autumn-winter dish is our root vegetable medley: rutabaga, beets, sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots, white potatoes, pumpkin, and assorted winter squash. Warm, comforting, nutritious, and seasonal. Why not eat the very best fall has to offer?

This has been Olivia, the iNatural blogger. You heard about my favorite autumn dish, though I also must put in a vote for chili and soups of all varieties! Leave a comment to let me know your favorite cold weather food.

Inspired to take action? There are many easy ways to support our community through seasonal eating. Why not try out a new recipe with seasonal produce? This handy guide tells you what’s in season in Georgia. Better yet, visit your local farmers market or choose grocery store produce marked as locally grown. Refrain from buying spring and summer foods in favor of autumn’s flavors. As always, we love to hear from you, so let us know how you eat in season!

Be sure to visit the iNatural Catering blog again for updates about the company, the green eating scene in Atlanta, and advice on how to keep your diet free of chemicals and preservatives. We welcome feedback! Contact us by leaving a comment below, emailing us at info@inaturalcatering.com, or using our contact form.


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