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Real food — food prepared without chemicals or preservatives, food that’s good for you and for the environment — is our passion at iNatural. While we love to cook, we also love to eat! That means we’re always on the lookout for great places to eat that share our values.

Here’s a selection of some of iNatural’s favorite green restaurants in Atlanta. The next time you’re searching for a place to grab a bite to eat, consider supporting organic or eco-friendly restaurants. Bon appétit!

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

From linguine to tacos to french toast to seaweed salad, the menu at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill covers a lot of ground. We love the broad range of foods R. Thomas serves just as much as we love the place’s philosophy: “You are what you eat,” and so you should eat food that tastes good and is good for you. We also dig the laid-back vibe: Can you think of many other restaurants that remain open 24 hours a day and show off live birds? As our executive chef Forriss Elliott, Jr. says, “The chef at R Thomas is a really cool guy.”

Yeah! Burger

Yeah! Burger

Yeah! Burger is another example of Atlanta’s offering of food that’s both sustainably produced and delicious. The restaurant sources grass-fed, local, humanely-raised, and hormone-free beef for their burgers. With a commitment to sustainability that ranges from composting to sourcing local ingredients, Yeah! Burger’s the kind of place we feel good about supporting. As their website states, “We believe food is better if it’s real, so we use the most natural ingredients we can find.” We couldn’t agree more!

L'Thai Cuisine

L’Thai Organic Cuisine and Wine Bar

With two locations (L’Thai West in Smyrna/Vinings and L’Thai East in Tucker), it’s easier than ever to get our fix of organic Thai food. The L’Thai mindset? “The quality of our lives is determined by our health, both physically and mentally. Each morsel of food impacts the way we think and how we process our thoughts.” We also enjoy L’Thai’s selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Basil rolls, anyone?

At iNatural, we know good food is transformative. Eating well promotes our own health as well as the health of our communities and the environment. Personal, local, and global change can all come from the decision to eat sustainable and natural foods. We enjoy dining at these three green restaurants that share our philosophy.

This has been Olivia, the iNatural blogger. I know Atlanta has many dining options. Leave a comment with your favorite green restaurant in Atlanta!

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