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Our PhilosophyOur philosophy is simple: We believe the best food is made from scratch using pure ingredients. This means we add no chemicals, no preservatives, no colorants, and no MSG. Pure foods taste better — and make for a more eco-friendly, healthier menu.

What does Natural mean to us?

We call ourselves iNatural. That’s i + Natural. We put ourselves into our philosophy. We are personally committed to natural foods and a lifestyle that promotes eating and living in a way that’s good for our bodies, our communities, and our environment.

When we say our foods are natural, this is what we mean:

  • We are committed to preparing foods from scratch.
  • We refuse to source ready-made, processed items full of chemicals.
  • We purchase ingredients without added chemicals, preservatives, or artificial dyes.
  • We shape our menu around what we can provide in a natural way and what we can prepare from scratch.
  • We buy organic as often as we can. We believe healthy and delicious food should be affordable. Ideally, we know that organic is best; however, catering that is 100% organic can be cost prohibitive. Therefore, we search for price-point friendly suppliers to source high quality ingredients and use as many organic ingredients as we can. Everyone should have the option of enjoying natural foods — even on a budget.

Natural means we strive to live our whole lives in a natural way, eating food that comes from the earth and not the laboratory. Natural foods — REAL natural foods, not food branded “natural” as a marketing gimmick — nourish our bodies and promote healthier, happier lives. This is why we are not just natural. We are iNatural.