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Season’s greetings from iNatural! This will be the last post in our Happy and Healthy Holidays mini-series — thanks for joining us! As January 1st approaches, you might be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. We believe natural foods can improve health and happiness, so why not resolve to go natural in 2015?

Happy New Year -- iNatural

This is Olivia, the iNatural blogger. I have to admit that I’m not the best at making and keeping my New Year’s resolutions. What works best for me is to pick something small as a first step. “Going natural” doesn’t mean you have to drastically change your diet. If you want to be healthier this year, the following four ideas are great places to start.

1. Read the label.

Resolve to read the labels on your food. That’s all. You don’t have to change your eating habits. Just read the label and learn which ingredients you’re consuming. Chances are you will naturally gravitate toward healthier foods. It takes only a few seconds to scan an ingredient list… and if it takes much longer than that, do you really want to be eating it?

2. Eliminate (or reduce) processed snack foods.

Processed snack foods — think chips, packaged cookies, etc — are prime places to find artificial ingredients and chemicals. These types of foods are also typically high in fat, sugar, and sodium. Limit your intake of processed junk foods to make an immediate and positive change to your diet.

Want another idea to reduce the presence of processed foods in your diet? Resolve to make your own healthy snack at least once week. Try our sugar-free date truffles or check out Greatist’s healthy trail mix ideas.

3. Eliminate artificial colors.

A simple way to reduce the amount of chemicals in your diet is to pick one artificial ingredient to avoid. Eliminating artificial colors is an easy place to start. While artificial colors in small amounts probably won’t hurt you, they aren’t the healthiest — and some companies have started to use natural colorants, so it isn’t too difficult to avoid the fake stuff. Addicted to colorful cookies? Try these natural colorants you can make at home.

4. Go meatless one day each week.

Resolve to eliminate meat from your diet for a day each week — ever heard of the Meatless Monday movement? Going vegetarian, even just for a day, is one of the single biggest things you can do have more environmentally-friendly diet: One day of global vegetarianism would be equal to removing 240 million cars from the road.[1] A vegetarian diet also encourages you to explore the wonderful world of plant proteins! It’s budget-friendly and reduces your risk for chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Sounds good to us!

There are tons of other healthy food resolutions you can make this year. Try one new recipe a week or replace sugar substitutes with natural stevia or honey. Bring only healthy dishes to potlucks, choose natural catering for parties, and drink more green tea. Are you making a New Year’s resolution? Share it with us in the comments below!

We love to hear from you! You can always leave a comment, email us at info@inaturalcatering.com, or use our contact form. Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon.


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