Natural. Organic. Non-GMO. Fair Trade. Sustainably produced. Green.

Today, words are thrown around with little concern for transparency, and it can be hard to sort through the tangle of information to find out what exactly each moniker means. While some terms like “organic” are regulated, others are not. What does “natural” mean to us?

“Natural” happens not to have a strict definition, and food companies often falsely advertise their foods as “natural.” iNatural is different.

What does Natural mean to us?

We call ourselves iNatural. That’s i + Natural. By adding the “i” to our name, we put ourselves into our philosophy. We identify ourselves as being personally committed to natural foods and a lifestyle that promotes eating and living in a way that’s good for our bodies, our communities, and our environment.

When we say our foods are natural, this is what we mean:

We are committed to preparing foods from scratch. We refuse to source ready-made, processed items full of chemicals. When we couldn’t find bread to purchase that lived up to our standards, we started making many of our breakfast scones, rolls, pastries, and desserts in-house. We make our own sauces. We make our own spice rubs and seasonings from only raw spices and aromatic herbs. We use fresh vegetables. If we serve lemonade, it is freshly squeezed, not powder from a can. If we serve tea, it is freshly brewed.

We shape our menu around what we can provide in a natural way and what we can prepare from scratch. We purchase ingredients without added chemicals, preservatives, or artificial dyes. If we want to add color to our dishes, we use spices like turmeric or naturally vivid ingredients like beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

We buy organic as often as we can. We believe healthy and delicious food should be affordable. Catering that is 100% organic can be cost prohibitive. We search for price-point friendly suppliers to source high quality ingredients and use as many organic ingredients as we can. Everyone should have the option of serving healthy, natural foods — even on a budget.

As our executive chef says, our commitment to natural foods is why we make our own bread: “We switched from regular flour to organic flour. We are constantly improving, constantly making changes as we find high quality vendors with clean ingredients. We create dishes that are good for people.”

Natural means we strive to live our whole lives in a natural way, eating food that comes from the earth and not the laboratory. Natural foods — REAL natural foods, not food branded “natural” as a marketing gimmick — nourish our bodies and promote healthier, happier lives. This is why we are not just natural. We are iNatural.