Let Us Tell You About Our Story

Every legacy has a story to tell. This is ours.

Carrying Forward the Legacy

iNatural Catering was founded by husband and wife team Forriss and Shirley. Born from their shared passion for natural foods, iNatural Catering proves that gourmet and healthy is not an oxymoron. Foods can be exciting and healthy – all made from scratch without added chemicals or preservatives.

Forriss and Shirley were both reared by parents adhering to the all-natural movement of the 1960’s. Shirley’s grandmother, Mary Eallie, held the philosophy of holistic, all-natural living. Thanks to his father, Forriss was accustomed to eating organic foods. Forriss and Shirley married and carried their family legacies forward by raising children in the same path, not knowing that someday they would own a thriving all-natural catering firm.

Sweet Marinade Catering: A Partnership is Born

The catalyst for iNatural Catering came when both Forriss and Shirley were downsized from corporate America within two months of each other. Looking for the next step, they decided to follow their passion for natural foods. What began as a home kitchen experiment quickly evolved to become Sweet Marinade Catering, a partnership looking for space to launch its new catering venture.

Landing in a local shared commercial kitchen operation, the burgeoning start-up began by specializing in marinating its meats overnight. However, Forriss and Shirley quickly saw that what truly set them apart was their commitment to integrity, since every recipe was examined with great care to make sure chemicals and preservatives were not added.

Soon Forriss and Shirley realized their true passion: promoting healthy eating as a lifestyle and helping people live that lifestyle both at home and on the go by providing them made-from-scratch, all-natural food. It was an organic process that took a life of its own when clients began to request vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, pescaterian, Kosher-friendly, and other unique diet plans which were eagerly provided… all for an affordable price.

iNatural Catering: Onwards and Upwards

After months of building an excellent reputation as Sweet Marinade, the decision was thoughtfully made to change names to realign the company more closely to the service they truly provided — crafting gourmet, all-natural cuisine. In January 2013, the company moved to its current location and Sweet Marinade began the process of changing its name to iNatural Catering and soon introduced the current green apple logo.

Currently, iNatural is growing more quickly than ever and looking to expand to its first anchor store. Plans are to accommodate brisk walk-in traffic for pick-up service of individual plates, bakery goods, and an extended menu from a fresh pressed juice bar.

Now a premier catering company in Atlanta, iNatural’s success is due to strong community support, its passionate commitment to educate the public about the harmful effects of chemicals and preservatives in the food supply, its reputation of producing fine cuisine from high quality ingredients, and its strong love and desire for people’s overall well being.